Did my first multi-language app in Unity the other day and wanted to use localized app names in Android. Quite a bit of a hassle to figure out, and I ended up mix matching information from a couple of sites to get it working.

Here we go...

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After being a dad for about a year and a half, I really felt like making a game for the little guy. He really loves toying around with tablets and nothing more awesome than to see him enjoying something that I built especially for him :-)

The timing was perfect because he seems to be falling in-between age targets as he's getting bored with "sound-board" style games while the puzzle games are still a bit too difficult for him. So, here's "Hippo Holidays", a block-puzzle style game with cute images created by David Ferriz.

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We at Devilishgames just released a new game for the Famosa toy factory. Our favourite development tool still remains Flash, even with half of the industry desperately trying to declare it dead and gone.

I made a quick snapshot last week while working on this new Nancy game to show you how easily Flash lets me compile to web, android and iOS. Which is great, because that's exactly what the customer needed.



So here you have it, one code base and running ( beautifully, thanks to Starling ) on any mainstream device.

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