Today a first time release on the Spil Network for me! Have a look at "Run Run Hamster", a cheerful little game with bright graphics and ever-so simple game play ( mouse button only ). This game is focused mainly at younger players and those that just enjoy anything hamster related. Run like crazy to find your lost love and pick up lots of sunflower pips along the way.

Play "Run Run Hamster" on AGame

A bit less memorable than Cube Droid perhaps, but still a fun little game that turned out to be quite challenging to play. "Run Run Hamster" allowed me to use and extend the in-house tile engine which has undergone some more drastic changes since then ( we already finished hamster some months ago ). More tile games to follow!

Like this was my first release with Spil, it was also the first time I had a close encounter with the famous Spil API. Depending on your tools and style for making games, this can be either a breeze or quite a bit of additional work. In my case ( maybe because I use FlashDevelop together with a messy fla ) it turned out to be the latter. The basic idea is substituting IDE textfields in the game with "multi-language labels" which normaly shouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately my game used some additional texts generated from code. Cobined with the translation classes, this turned out to be such a hassle that I decided to create all textfields from the IDE instead. It was a tedious chore ( even though there's only a bit of text in the game ) and I ran into several more problems along the way. But the end result is marvellous; The game now translates perfectly in whatever language you choose from the main menu. Quite satisfying indeed. Good to know that younger children, or adults who don't speak the English language, will be able to play the game as well.

Let's see if you can reach the end. It's difficult, but not impossible, I just did a perfect run myself and found my true love :-)