We've been working hard these last weeks at DevilishGames on a new Flash puzzle game - Finally the finish line is in sight, that is, for the code and graphics part of the game...

All I can say for now about the game is that's it's an Eggerland / Adventures of Lolo style puzzle game for the browser where you control a cute ( but giant! ) robot to save the Galaxy.

Currently David is finishing up on the graphics and we're deciding on the music and sound effects. In the meantime I'm trying to get rid of the final bugs and... building levels like crazy. We are aiming at 36 levels and I'm not even half way yet. Constructing the levels is great fun, but it's turning out to be more time consuming than initially planned. Between designing, testing, modifying, retesting, etc, some levels take well over an hour to build. Multiply by 36 and we're looking at least at another two or three weeks before completing and then some more weeks to find a sponsor and publish.

Until then, some work in progress shots:

Cube Droid Teaser Image