Finally finishing up the last bits of our upcoming puzzle game Cube Droid saves the Galaxy today. Just waiting for Fran to get rid of his flu and finish the music loops and away we go! Expect to see our latest game on within the next couple of days - if you are a sponsor, feel free to contact me directly though :-)

This has been quite a frustrating bug-fixing week, trying to get all the little ( and not so little ) errors out of the game. I'm very happy with the result though and it definitely turned out to be one of my personal favourites.

As to be expected with a puzzle game, many, many hours went into building all the different levels. Starting off with easy levels that teach the player how to interact with the puzzle world and building up slowly to the final levels where you'll really have to start using the old grey matter to progress. Trying to keep things interesting for the player and revising every level as much as possible to ensure it's fun to play, has really been a daunting task.

Unfortunately you can't have a hands on with the game yet, but while we are looking for a sponsor, have a look at the trailer. It'll give you quite a nice impression of the game play... As soon as we're officially online you'll read all about it here.