Today Devilishgames released a small advergame we made for the Famosa toy factory. The game targets young children ( girls mostly ) to get them to know the new range of mini-dolls called "Chic-i Girls Vamprincesas" ( Vamprincesas is a crossing between the Spanish words for princesses and vampire-girls ). These little princesses can be turned into vampires by turning their heads around. We adapted this mecanism for the game by allowing the player to choose sides in a global vampire vs. princesses ranking and quest to change the dolls in the game to "your" side. No individual high-scoring for this game, all your points go to the global ranking.

Use "jugar" to play, then choose a vampire or a princess and click "empezar" to start.

Play "Chic-i Girls Vamprincesas"

The game-play we chose for this one is extremely simple so even small children will be able to play. No ducking and shooting and you can't even die, just use the cursor keys to walk around a giant castle and when you find a doll from the opposing band, come up close to it and press space to convert it to your side.

After the time runs out, you'll see the effect your efforts have made on the global ranking.

This game was another great way to improve my tile engine. I'm really starting to get comfortable using it and it's really nice to dedicate time to the actual game-play instead of losing hours on the engine first. A fun side-effect of using a tile engine was the possibility to change the scenery from day to night, depending on the side the player chooses, while still being able to use the same castle map.

If you are reading this, I doubt you're in the target group for this game, but have a look anyway, if only because I coded it with a lot of love :-)